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Unlock the full potential of blockchain with our AI-driven Web3 assistant, designed to make blockchain tasks seamless and efficient. Build and scale your Web3 apps with the simplicity of Web2 methods

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Our Technology

About us

Web3Agent is pioneering the integration of AI in blockchain through our innovative API. This API facilitates access to Web3 operations, enabling our AI agent to perform a wide range of blockchain functions effectively.

User friendly


Allows users to write and deploy smart contracts without extensive coding knowledge.

Simplified Blockchain Interactions

Our abstracted connector API makes it easier than ever to interact with blockchain networks.

Multi-Chain Deployment

Interacts with multiple blockchain environments, not limited to a specific chain.

Connect Seamlessly to DeFi

Access and connect to all DeFi capabilities using a single API that works across both EVM and non-EVM platforms.

Developer Tools

Offer developer tools simplify the process of building applications that interact with smart contracts.

Event Monitoring

Smart contracts often emit events based on certain conditions being met and provides features to monitor these events

Transaction Management

Manages transactions related to smart contract interactions, including transaction signing and transaction monitoring.

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